March 3, 2015

Print Mix and Match

Being the responsible adult that I am (sort of not really), I've been doing my best to stay away from shopping... yes, shopping. I know, can you believe it? I have a fashion blog so... like, how am I supposed to continue posting? The truth of it is, this has been a fun test for me. Every day, I'm finding innovative ways to create new outfits with the clothes that already exist in my closet. 

A large floral printed scarf coordinates well with a smaller printed blouse. Seal it with a belt and you've got yourself a new top. Who would've thunk? Paired with my favorite Gigi New York clutch, this is a new, go-to look. Hopefully this will inspire you to see what scarves and tops coordinate in your closet! 

xx, K

March 1, 2015

Enza Essentials

Today I'm excited to share my new beauty regimen with you! I've recently been introduced to Enza Essentials; Advanced skincare formula to target specific concerns for every type. This routine is compatible for my specific skin type, and it shows results. My skin tends to dry out easily, creating extra oils which cause breakouts. If you are anything like me, this is the routine for you!

Starting with the Saturation Cleanser: A mild moisturizing cleaner designed to gently wash away impurities, while providing the valuable nutrients necessary to maintain soft, beautiful skin.

Saturation Aloe Scrub: A gentle formula containing  fruit enzymes and aloe vera combined with natural grains to safely lift off dead skin cells revealing smooth skin.

The Saturation Toner: (My personal favorite) leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. Ideal for dull dry skin, this formula contains lotus flower to sooth and nourish, along with the extract of ginseng to invigorate and condition. 

Vitamin C SerumActs as an antioxidant. The process of oxidation damages the skin cells. This serum is rich in anti-oxidants, which repairs and renews the cells, giving the skin a healthier look.

Saturation Herbel Creme: Natural proteins and moisturizers help  prevent the loss of moisture thereby retaining the skin's natural moisture. (Great for dry aging skin) 

Advanced Protection SPF 30: Providing full-spectrum, UVA/UVB protection with vitamins and antioxidants, this lotion is fragrance free and light enough for oily skin.

Make sure to check out Enza Essentials and find the skin routine personalized for your skin! 

xx, K

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