March 11, 2013

Stand on Issues

Raise awareness and funding for some of our world’s most complex issues and keep your feet fashionable with 'BANGS Shoes'.

Fellow Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sister, Hannah Davis, is the Founder of this amazing organization.

Hannah's story began when she taught English in China's eastern Jiangsu Province after graduating from Clemson in 2009. Hannah noticed olive green, army-style shoes worn by thousands of construction and field workers across China, and her ideas started flowing...

Inspired by the utilitarian style of these canvas Chinese shoes, Hannah decided to create a brand that would not only offer high-quality, funky shoes, but also connect people to an ideology she felt passionate about. Combining philanthropy with business to form a social enterprise, Hannah developed a stylish shoe with each color representing a different cause and nonprofit organization. A portion of the profits made from each pair of shoes is invested in its nonprofit partner.

Today's post highlights blue BANGS which represent clean water and invest in efforts by Drop in the Bucket, a registered 501(c)3. BANGS and Drop in the Bucket believe clean water to be a fundamental human right. Check out blue "clean water" BANGS that invest in efforts to provide clean water to those without. You can also make a direct donation to Drop in the Bucket by clicking here.

You can get your hands on a pair of BANGS at Hudson Trail Outfitters in the MD/ VA /DC area!

Make sure to check out one of Bethesda's newest boutiques: Bethesda Scooters & BoardsThis eclectic pop-up store offers scooters, skateboards, and surfboards, located on Woodmont Avenue.

xoxo, MT


  1. Omg you skateboard. So cool!

    I have to admit I think the shoes are fine (don't hate 'em, but don't love 'em either) but I'm a huge fan of the rest of the outfit! Great pants especially!

  2. Girl, you look so fresh in these pics. Love the fun you're having in them :D!

    xoxo Gozika


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