January 21, 2015

2015 Make up Resolutions

For 2015, one of my resolutions was to find the perfect, everyday make up product. My skin is super delicate, and prone to breakouts when it isn't treated right. It's always either too dry, or too oily, and never just right. Which is why I decided to gut the old, and start with a clean slate. Since the beginning of the year, I've been using this make-up regimen, and my skin has never looked better! Heres the secret:


1. Start with a fresh, clean face and apply Benefits, "Triple Performing, Facial Emulsion." A lot of times, people confuse their break-outs with having oily skin, when in reality, your face is so dry, that it produced more oils. This Moisturizer helps rejuvenate your skin and prevents it from those future breakouts.

2. Apply benefits "Eyes, It's Potent," cream under and around your eyes. The skin below your eyes is different from the rest of your face, and is extremely delicate; it needs special care. This too acts as a moisturizer, with a nice, cooling effect.

3. To cover any small imperfections, I use the same concealer I've been using since High school. Almay's "Clear Complexion Concealer." Dab a little on a blemish, and it blends in perfectly with the rest of your skin. It also helps clear everything up!

4. "The Big Easy, Bigger than BB cream," is a great alternative to clumpy foundation. I personally don't use this every day, but when I'm headed out for the night or getting ready for an event, this is my go-to. It leaves your skin looking flawless AND it has SPF 35 in it!

5. Applied either directly after the BB cream, or in place of it, I love to use the "Hello Flawless," compact powder. During a normal week, I will skip the BB cream, and go directly to this for lighter application. I don't particularly like having a lot of make up on my face for 12 hours, so this is the perfect solution. 

6. Apply Mac, Love Joy Mineralize Blush for contour to make your cheek bones to pop. It's refined, baked minerals enhance your cheekbones with a luminous, pearlized shimmer.

7. Look alive with the "High Brow" pencil, which gives your brows a little lift. Apply it directly below your eye brows following the arch. I also like to place a little in the corners of my eye to help give me a fresh, awake look, (even when I have a case of the Mondays.)

8. Lastly, my old go-to, is the "Almay One Coat Thickening Mascara." Over the years, I have tried countless varieties of Mascara, and this one is the only one that seems to make my eye lashes look extra full and long. 

And that's it! Now you know the details to my every day routine. Find these products, and more of my favorite products below. 

xx, K


  1. I've been looking for an eye cream - will check this one out! :)

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