September 30, 2013

Get The Boot

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time searching for the perfect fall shoe. Nothing really caught my eye until I stumbled upon these Rag & Bone Kinsey Booties. I continued my search in hopes of finding something well, a little more budget friendly. That's when I found these Aldo booties. They are practically identical. Which ones get the boot? Rag&Bone or Aldo?

xoxo, MT


  1. Rag & Bone has the best boot design - but Aldo's quality is good enough that I'd say go for the deal! The Rag & Bone isn't iconic enough that people will call you out on having fakes :P

  2. Honestly I prefer the aldo version! And the price is a lot easier to come by with no regrets hah.


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