May 1, 2017

Beach Chic For Springtime In Cali


HELLO WARM WEATHER. It officially feels like Summer (but Spring) here in Cali. Super hot sunny days and cool nights... I could definitely get use to these vacation temps. With that, my current go-to top is this simple Oxford button down from Banana. It's super light weight and feels great in both warm or cool temperatures. I'm also loving August's new, woven cork bag collection which accentuates West Coast sophistication for both on and off the beach. See below and check out how I took this look from day to night with just a few minor wardrobe adjustments- these are great tips for light packing travelers.

Photos by: Kyle Dewitt

Photos by: Kyle Dewitt

There you have it; a silk scarf, a pair of statement kitten heels, and a clutch are all you need to make your daytime outfit perfect for a night out. If its cooler than expected and you're keeping things casual, this utility jacket has just the right amount of feminine flair with a little ruffle along the front.


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