May 4, 2017

Exploring Southern California


Living in Los Angeles but you'd think I'm in a foreign country, right? I have to start off by asking honestly, how incredible is this temple? Fanny and I have recently gone exploring and she happened to stumble across this gem... If only you could see the inside of it. The details are stunning and the intricacy is jaw dropping.

As of late, I've been completely obsessing over Velvet's Spring/Summer collection. Known for their cotton basics, and boho chic flare, they stick to what they know- comfort. Speaking of comfort, I'm actually wearing this top right now as I write this, with a pair of boyfriend jeans and flip-flops. There are limitless ways to dress any of Velvet's pieces. I'd also have to point out how incredible their leather goods are. This tote is as smooth as a baby's bottom and wears really nicely. Not to mention, it holds a TON. Suffice it to say, I'll be wearing as much Velvet as possible this season. 

Photos by: Fanny Chu

Photos by: Fanny Chu


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