July 22, 2014

Beach Bum

Photos By: Molly Cranna
The longer I live in LA, the less I am able to adapt to cold weather. The longer I live in LA, the more difficult it becomes to tolerate a 20 minute car ride to a different part of town... Back on East coast, a 20 minute drive was just a hop skip and a jump away. 

The idea of living on the beach with relaxed people and casual vibes would be like living in la-la-vacation-land. No more 20 minute car ride and a couple steps away from sandy toes?... I'll take it! This summer, I love wearing these light cotton, embroidered shorts. They are the perfect cover up that can be worn with a simple tee, or a chambray blouse. Not only are you ready for a day by the ocean, but throw your sandals on to grab a bite at your nearest shack where they have a "must wear sandals and clothes," policy... You all know what I'm talking about. Get the look below. I hope everyone is enjoying sandy toes this summer!

xx, K


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